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Covid Christmas

I tested positive for Covid yesterday morning.

Missed our Froese family Christmas.

My brother Arnold packed up and left quickly, since his in-laws in LA, whom he was going to visit next, have also been exposed. He should be safely home in Kansas tomorrow evening. We had a wonderful time with him and his girlfriend, Jenny, and I am so grateful we had two wonderful days together before I got sick (or at least got symptoms and tested positive). We are praying that neither Don, Arn or Jenny got infected.

So no energy for a post today. Just wishing you a joyous Christmas as once again, we wait for the return of our coming King, born in a manger in Bethlehem so many years ago!



MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT! (Yes, I’m heading back to bed.)

Sleepless in Soquel

Baby Paigey

Baby Paigey

I know I know, it’s a tired take on a delightful movie.

Pain has been stalking me, making it hard to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. I approach the bed where Don is sound asleep, only to see Paigey, our white and red Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, lying across my pillow. I’d like to think it is her great affection for me that causes her to lie in my spot ’til I come to bed. However, it’s probably the electric blanket she’s cozying up to.

I crawl into bed and Don pulls me close. He always wakens when I come to bed. Actually I don’t think he sleeps soundly until I’m there beside him. We complete each other. I lie in his arms with my head on his shoulder, feeling cherished, when Paigey emits a long, loud snore. Long. Loud. And Don and I both chuckle. I roll over onto my left side for about 5 minutes until the pain insists I get off that hip.

Pulling the pillow under me, I roll onto my tummy, hoping I can sleep in that position.

Snore … snort … snore … snort … snore … I’m hearing a duet. My husband is on one side, snoring because he’s fatigued. And Paige snores between us. It’s the perfect storm. I laugh quietly. After a few minutes of this cacophany of sounds, I ask Don to turn his head. He does, and the duet becomes a solo.

I know what it is to lose a husband, to wish he were still beside me sawing logs. And so now I’m glad, because this my husband is HERE beside me TO snore. And for that I thank God, even when the duet starts up again.

“Were We Snoring?”


     “Were we snoring?”

     “One of you was.”

     Driving through part of Spain as we traveled to Cordoba, Don and I slept. We didn’t just doze. We slept deeply. Our Mercedes bus was comfortable, and our seat backs just tall enough to rest our heads with ease.

     Between naps we watched the lush countryside pass by.





Thousands upon thousands of olive trees.SONY DSC

Old Windmills. 

Lush, fertile farmland. 

Sheep grazing, their shepherd and his dog ever watchful.

And we slept. It strikes me how wise and gracious God was in building into our DNA the need for sleep and restoration. He could have created us to keep going–think how much more we could accomplish for the kingdom. But I am glad He didn’t. He created us with a need for regular, renewing sleep.


I’m usually a good sleeper. Sometimes, however, my mind whirls through all the topics taking up real estate in my brain … where we will go tomorrow, what we will see, whether I have out all I need, whether I’ve thought of all I needed to complete before going on this trip.

Will Mom remain well?

Are our dogs ok?

Did we pay all the bills?

Sometimes I get up, knowing sleep is beyond me. It’s often my most productive time. After several hours’ of work, I’m very happy to fall asleep, to rest. I need, and want, that renewal God wants to grant.

“He gives to his beloved sleep.”

Speaking of which, I think it’s time for a nap!