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Our dear friends, Fritz and Frank Buschman, drove up in front of our hotel. Fritz jumped out of the drivers’ seat and grabbed me in a wonderful, embracing hug. These dear friends moved from California to Florida four years ago and I have missed this girlfriend!

Along with several other close girlfriends, Fritz and I have shared much of our lives over the past 30+ years. And I am reminded what a gift it is to have close heart girl and couple friends, near and far.

Dinner at Friday’s

With Fritz and Frank, Don and I have laughed over past history, reminisced about joint travels, and enjoyed extended conversations over the past days. Being in the Buschmans’ church Sunday and meeting some of their friends here was a blessing, as we can now picture them, singing hymns of the faith and listening to the Word as it is taught. We also enjoyed good meals and Moos ice cream!

Moos Ice Cream – fabulous!

We especially cherish this opportunity to be with them since, on December 1st, 2021, Frank had a very serious bike accident. With multiple injuries, he was in a trauma center, unconscious, for a month. He spent another month in rehab before he and Fritz returned home. While Frank is still recovering, he is doing well and we rejoice in the wonderful treatment he received, the many prayers expressed on his behalf, and the chance to spend time with them again.

All four of us have roots in Ukraine. Frank’s, Don’s, and my mother’s ancestors left for America and Canada in 1874-1876; Fritz’s for Canada in 1925 or 26; and my father’s family, also for Canada, in late 1929, at the end of the Bolshevik Revolution. We are following the war closely, and continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, and for those serving them in the name of Jesus.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Psalms 73:26 NIV

New Horizons, Renewed Connections!

Twenty-eight hundred miles later and four pounds lighter, Don and I returned from our road trip, filled with the love, majesty and grace we experienced along the way!

We spent our first night out in Imlay, NV, a one-exit, two-church town (Catholic, Baptist) whose only food is the Taco Bell inside the truck stop. A local couple built three small, one-room cabins in October of last year that have been filled ever since since! We stayed in the “Wyatt Earp” cabin (on left in photo).

Our room was tiny. We shared a one-person restroom with other guests in the other cabins, and the kitchen in another. The cabins and yard were very cute and everything was spotless. We played bean bag toss (both got two out of four in the hole), chatted with the owner about the gold mining in this area, and drove two miles down the road to a rustic cafe filled with cowboy memorabilia, signed dollar bills stapled all around the counter posts. Guess they’re doing well enough they don’t need those! It was fun to be in a local diner, with a group celebrating three birthdays next to us, and a man at the bar talking about being born in San Jose.

We wakened at 6 am to a loud train whistle. And the passage of a 100-150 car train rumbling down the rails just behind the property. And baby, we felt the earth move! All in all, great fun.

Despite smoky grey skies from our Northwest fires, mountains hazy in the distance, we saw so much of God’s creative beauty along the way. Forests, rivers, mountains, volcanic ash. And gracious people wherever we stopped.

But driving was fun and, after only four hours’ sleep that night, I was grateful to be awake and alert to drive as we listened to a book on tape.

We drove to Star, Idaho on Friday, where we met Don’s niece Karen and her husband John, who had invited us to stay with them. Karen just got out of the hospital that morning so John ordered mouth-watering Italian take-out. Don’s son Victor joined us for dinner and got to know his adult cousins better, who moved to the area just recently.

The following day we took dear friend Anne Marie Ritchie, whom many of you know from Peninsula Bible Church or Menlo Church, out to breakfast. We enjoyed wonderful fellowship with Anne Marie’s thankful, rejoicing heart! She loves the Eagle/Boise area where they had moved shortly before her beloved Ron’s passing a year ago, and where she has two sons.

We continued packing our schedule with a lovely lunch on the river with Shelly and Bob Mincy, California friends who have just moved to Eagle and are enjoying the beginning of their retirement! What a delight to spend time and see the house they are having built!

That evening we hung out with Victor and his family. The foliage on his yard reminded me of Camp Arnes on Lake Winnipeg (Canada), where I received Christ as my Savior. Enjoyed the time together!

Nathaniel, Gabrielle, Jess, Noah

Three days of wonderful renewing of relationships, valuing of family and friends, enjoying different scenery, and thanking God for the gifts of each. Sunday morning we left for Yellowstone…to be continued.