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Thanks for dropping in.  I hope that will provide encouragement for your heart, soul and mind, and give you practical ideas and resources to help in your walk of faith.

Everyone has a story, if one will only sit and listen a spell. I was able to do that extensively when my first husband was ill and I took an extended leave of absence from my work as an HR Manager with Intel Corporation to care for him. While Jerry and I waited for a transplant, we shared our story and listened to the stories of others. We shared laughter and tears.

*In an ice cream shop, we met the third longest-running rodeo clown in the United States. He was delighted to share his joy in training his nine-year-old son to follow in his steps.
*Our ‘regular’ waitress was comforted by sharing her concerns for her teenage son in juvenile hall, as we prayed with her.

I talked with others waiting in sterile hospital rooms—
*the young mother whose fiancée was fighting his last battle with cancer;
*the nurse whose husband was dying; and
*the medical personnel who listened to and cared for us during Jerry’s hospitalization and subsequent death.

Marrying a wonderful man at age 36 and then losing him twenty years later taught me the importance of valuing every moment, about our amazing ability to survive, move ahead and even love again. Most important, it also allowed me to experience God’s faithfulness during the hardest time of my life.

The apostle Paul said “He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us.” (II Corinthians 1:3-4, The Message) In sharing my story, I want to encourage others going through difficult times.

Several years after Jerry passed away I met a tall, gracious, handsome widower. After several weeks, he put a hand on my shoulder. “Is there a chance for a relationship between us down the road?” Don and I have now been married ten wonderful years and I try to apply the life lessons I learned through loving and losing a partner.

I look forward to sharing and learning together with you and hope you’ll offer questions and comments along the way.

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  1. shirley bergen says:

    I am sorry I did not know about your blog sooner. I could have shared it with a few friends and relatives. If I want to pass it on, do I just tell them anout

    • carolnl says:

      Thank you, Shirl. Lovely to hear from you. Yes, you can direct folks to If they open the blog to the current post and scroll down they will see the prior ones and be able to read them. I’d love to have new subscribers and pray some of what I’ve shared will minister to others. Blessings to you and John.

  2. Rebecca Krusee says:

    Congratulations on your new site! Fabulous!

  3. Sue Swain says:

    My dear, dear friend, it is delightful to read your blog! Hope your time at the conference was uplifting for you…you certainly was in my prayers this weekend.

    I love you my sisI


    Carol lead me to The Lord 43 years ago this September 3rd. I am eternally grateful for her unconditional love, perserverance, persistence, friendship, mentoring, and faithfulness.

    • carolnl says:

      Sue, you are such a blessing to me! I thank God for the privilege of helping draw you to Him, and for the joy of watching you grow in your love for Christ. Can’t believe that was 43 years ago already. Love you love you!!

  4. laurabennet says:

    So sweet 🙂

  5. Marg Wade says:

    Thank you, Carol for writing! Your blog about anxiety was very helpful today! I clicked to be sure this was you writing and read your beautiful introduction. Sending you good thoughts for love and happiness always! Marg

    • carolnl says:

      Thanks, Marg. And I wish you and yours all the best. So fun to watch how Austin has grown up since the days you talked about his “date” at age 5! Sending love. Carol

  6. Sandi Olson says:

    Wow,Carol,this is great! I wasn’t close to my dad and have often imagined what it would be like. Now I know. I can see where you got the strength to cope with your losses and the sensitivity that appears in your writing. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing.

  7. SMcDonald says:

    So awesome to see you writing. You touch me with each blog. I’m glad to be making this journey through your writing. Thanks for sharing so intimately. Hugs….

  8. Karen Kleinberg says:

    Caro, I love your blog! You swooped in and grabbed my attention with you title. I love the pictures and the idea of sharing your stories in this comfortable format. Blessings to you as you write.

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